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February 2017



Upgraded Studio Space

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It all started with a few more additions to the crew.  A friend of mine handed over three vintage mannequins from a retired pattern designer for free.  The space in my sewing room was limited, but I knew someday I wanted a large enough space to line them all up.

My sister kindly offered to let me switch rooms so I could have the larger space.  After thinking it over, I quickly moved and rearranged, and before I knew it, I had a new studio.

(L-R) Burnadette, Mavis, Edna, Girly, Francis, and Manly

Absolutely loving the extra window space!  The light in the morning is just right.

Old Studio…

New Studio

A few projects have already made it’s way through this new work space and I can’t believe how efficient work is going!  Last touch to be made is a new cutting table about 50″ by 60″.  That will come a little later… I plan on building it myself.

-The Tailorette




August 2015



Weekly Routine

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If you’re one of my family members or a neighbor of mine, you’ll know that this sight isn’t uncommon at our house.ERB_4092-2


Photos by Emily Rose

Every week there is usually custom order that needs to be photographed for the customer to see the finished product.  By the time I am done making a dress for a customer, I feel like I’ve developed a small friendship.  It makes me want to take that extra step to take presentable photos.  After working with them and trying to find just the right color they want, I get so excited to show them how it turned out.  Plus, it’s so much more fun being outside. 😉

– The Tailorette