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January 2017



2016 In Review

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It’s been a full robust year.  Many times I reflect on how fast the year has passed, but somehow 2016 seemed to go by in slow motion.  Maybe it’s because I have learned so many things that my perspective on life is so different from last January.  It almost seems like a different era.  Working on my small business has brought sanctifying lessons, exciting experiences, and a revised vision for the future in many different ways.

After sifting through photos and projects, I am even more motivated to continue to work harder, diligently and manage my time better. 

I did not make these two grey quilt tops below, but I finished them on the longarm quilting machine.

A quilt project for Cotton Berry Quilts.  Longarm Quilted by my Mother, Christa.

Digging into 18th century costumes for the first time.

A custom bridal cape for friend.

A little bit of upholstery.

Little girl’s dress in the process of being made.  This dress will show up in my Etsy shop.

Piecing quilts.

Studio Pictures.

Dresses made for The Tailorette Dress Shop.

A glimps at inventory.

There is one thing that is consistent after every year is learning to walk by faith and trust the Lord every step of the way.  There are ups and downs, but it is the tough times that shape and grow us.  I can say with confidence that I look forward to the hardships as well as the good times in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

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December 2016



Cream 18th Century Polonaise Dress

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With the new year coming to an end I wanted to get another 18th century dress on list of finished projects for 2016.  This one is made out of the same pattern as the other dress, but I did make a few minor changes to give it a different look.

Here is where I made a change in the trim.  Because the fabric is upholstery it was too thick to do gathers… so I decided to do pleated trim.

Instead of adding the ties to hold up the skirt, I permanently bunched the back of the skirt.


One of my next projects for the new year is perfecting the undergarments for this era.  I still feel like I could perfect the shape a little better.  You may see a post in near months of 2017 on that.  🙂

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July 2016



Polonaise 18th Century Day Dress

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Before I dove into my stash of beautiful florals, I decided to make my first gown from this era with a solid linen.  This fabric is %50 cotton and %50 linen which made for an excellent material.  I knew I didn’t want a polyester mix with cotton since I’ve had disappointing results with how the fabric preserves over the years.


Cutting out the bodice.


Making a rolled hem for the edge of the ruffles.


Gathering the ruffles.


I did press the ruffles after I stitched them on.  Pressing them made it look a little flatter, rather than looking so frilly.


Bodice back.


Sewing the casing to the inside of the lining.


Outside fabric attached to lining, fully boned and ready for trim.


I got the trim inspiration from the movie “Poldark”.  After watching this series with my family, I had so much inspiration!


Pinning the trim to death for a uniform look.


End result!







Surprisingly, this dress was much easier than I thought it would be.  I hope to make a few more dresses from this era this year.  There are a few design ideas I have in the back of my mind… thanks to Pinterest!

-The Tailorette