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April 2015



Sneak Peek / Sleeves

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While collecting different photos and ideas, I decided to try a long awaited idea.  It took me 5 hours to get just what I wanted.  Instead of making a basic dress for my Etsy shop, I spent extra time learning something new.  I pulled out everything I needed and dove right in.   After several mock-ups, I persevered until I got the results I was looking for.



This is the pattern piece I started with.


A glimpse of what it looked like halfway through the adjustments.


This is how many mock ups it took (using old scraps).


After the sixth try, the goal was finally reached… and this is only half of the sleeve. 😉


This is the fabric I plan on using for the actual project once I have the sleeve pattern figured out.


Even though I am making mostly regency dresses, it has helped to learn many different techniques using the same pattern several times over.  This one will be another regency dress to add to my dress shop.  However, I do hope to make more modern day clothing sometime in the near future.

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