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November 2016



Civil War Remake

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You might recognize this gown from a previous post almost exactly a year ago.  It is, in fact, the same exact design, but not the same dress.  I enjoyed making this pattern so much that I decided I would make a replica, with a few minor changes.  This one is made out of a solid print, not a subtle pin stripe like the other one.  I also used less trim on the sleeves and added an extra tuck at the bottom of the skirt.  This time I modeled the dress, rather than using the mannequin.  There’s just something about having a live model that brings the design to life. 







What I love most about this style is the simplicity.  There’s not too much frilliness, but just enough embellishment to add character and interest.  One thing I have found is how much I enjoy working with solid fabrics.  You can find a basic design and add the extra detail that normally wouldn’t show on a printed dress.  It allows me to exercise more creativity and brainstorming when it comes to constructing the gown.  

I do have many other ideas… hopefully sometime in the near future there will be newer designs coming up in my shop.  You may even see a few more 18th century popping up here and there.

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