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Abby Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress

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This post is long overdue, not because I’ve procrastinated, but because I lost the photos in the mix of a busy summer.  Thankfully they popped up out of blue this month and I excitedly started to work towards putting a post together.

Abby is my lovely sister-in-law as of August 5th of this past summer.  After going back and forth about a few dresses, she decided on a particular style that really struck her fancy.  However, the dress and topper from BHLDN was way too large.  So I agreed that if she wanted to come visit me for a couple days I’d be willing to do her dress.  It was an excuse to spend some extra fun time before the wedding came around too!

Looking back, I wish I had taken more photos of the process, but I am thankful I at least have these to share.  The dress needed to be taken in a decent amount at the back zipper as well as hemming and adding spaghetti straps to feel more secure.  

Before the dress was altered


Bodice is taken in but not hemmed yet.


Hemming and spaghetti straps are completed.


The topper before it was taken apart and altered


The Topper with the dress before it was taken in.


Alteration almost finished.


Because the closures it came with didn’t stay in place I had to add a row of buttons down the back….





Photo creditsAllix Ryan Ruby

Photo Credits: Allix Ryan Ruby

Photo Credits:  Allix Ryan Ruby



Photo credits: Allix Ryan Ruby

After working on a few other wedding alterations this one was much more enjoyable.  Knowing what to expect helped me to enjoy every part of the process.  Plus having Abby hang around while I worked just added the cherry on top.  I’m so glad I was able to work on a special project that will be remembered for years to come!


– The Tailorette