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June 2016



From Basic To Unique

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When you’re in a pinch, you tend to grab at anything you can think of to solve your problem.  This is a perfect example of one of those “I’m toast” moments.  After cutting out most of the dress, I realized I didn’t have a large enough piece of fabric to cut out the sleeves.  Also, the fabric was a one of a kind discovery, so there was no way to find more of this fabric anywhere.  This in fact, was not a pre-made dress for my shop, but a custom order for a valued customer.  There was no room for chucking the project for later.

Immediately I started brain storming with ideas of how I can pull this off, and then light bulb went on.  I realized I could cut my scraps into strips, gather them and sew them together to make a more intricate sleeve.


Gathering the strips


Sewing the gathered stripes together.


Ready to cut out my sleeve piece!


All cut out and ready to be shaped into a sleeve.




I’m thankful for those moments when things seem to be going wrong, but in the end it was a sharpening tool to get my brain thinking more creatively. 😉

-The Tailorette